Sayariy-Resurgiendo is a legally constituted Peruvian association that works with the residents of disadvantaged communities by building with them a suitable place where their children can grow up without violence but with respect for themselves and the environment, equal opportunities and with the memory of their history and culture.

Cold that warms

The quality of people is illustrated not during the best of times, but in the worst of times when they lift you up and walk with you. The effects of climate change are seen not only in the mountains but also in all regions of Peru. The coastal regions, for example, are normally warm, but […]

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Women’s Power

The entrepreneur Melinda Gates said that a woman with a voice is by definition a powerful woman, but in many cases the search to find that voice can be extremely difficult. Wanting a better, egalitarian world is a constant desire and struggle for many people. It is inevitable to think of a society where men

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Exhibiting Opportunities

What started as a simple summer activity culminated in a visibility of opportunities. Throughout this summer, one of the activities provided by Sayariy was a photography workshop led by Kat Martínez and Miguel Soto – a workshop requested by the children of Nuevo Libertadores. This was celebrated with an Exhibition of 10 photos in the

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Playing with Maths

This year we are experiencing more intense climate change as result of human irresponsibility. In summer we didn’t just experience more sun and heat, but we also witnessed the inclemency of El Niño Costero. Happily, we also witnessed that together through help and solidarity can achieve great things and move forward.

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Mental Health

As part of our job, we work in mental health. Why? Because it is extremely necessary and important for human and social development. Since June the children in Nuevo Libertadores have been tested about their development and learning capabilities, now we are providing the results and training the mothers about how to deal with the

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Early Childhood stimulation

Twice a week our team provide early childhood stimulation sessions to the mothers of Nuevo Libertadores, because studies show that, large numbers of children in developing countries are exposed to multiple risk factors in the early years of life including poor health, malnutrition and low levels of home stimulation. Risk factors covary – (for example, poverty

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Peru, we will rebuild!

Since December 2016, Peru has been facing repeated rainfall along the coast. This has given way to multiple huaicos (flash water floods with mud and stones as a result from torrential rains which cause rivers to overflow). As of March 23, 2017, the National Information System for Response and Rehabilitation (SINPAD) reports 111,283 victims; 672,892

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Peru Flood Relief

The north of Peru has been experiencing quite an anomalous El Niño phenomenon. Trujillo experienced the worst rain in the last 50 years. It has suffered 7 intense mudslides/floods so far, which have left many families homeless and with multiple losses. Therefore, we have organized ourselves in an effort to bring support to those affected

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Summer Activities

This summer 2017 has been full of joy, learning and strengthening of ties. Children have had a variety of workshops aimed at improving their knowledge, self-control and above all strengthening the connection between them without any gender barriers. Our volunteer team has worked brilliantly during the 7 week program.

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