Exhibiting Opportunities

What started as a simple summer activity culminated in a visibility of opportunities. Throughout this summer, one of the activities provided by Sayariy was a photography workshop led by Kat Martínez and Miguel Soto – a workshop requested by the children of Nuevo Libertadores. This was celebrated with an Exhibition of 10 photos in the iconic Casa de Emancipación of BBVA Continental in the center of Trujillo where many other prominent exhibitions have taken place.

It was also a day which demonstrated that given the resources and support, opportunities and possibilities are unlimited. Among the photographers are Melvis, Belinda, Jessica, Shirley and Melissa – with their innate talent, each one used the lens of the camera to capture a unique vision. Their pride evident, and their efforts rewarded by the wonderful smiles worn by all those present. The day itself was one of recognition, combined with the distribution of school materials to those who had participated throughout the summer in activities organized by Sayariy – Resurgiendo. Another activity was the introducion of English and learning the language, an activity in which Josue excelled for his pronunciation, Esnaider for the best attendance, and Jessica and Elias for their progress. Each child contributed his/her little drop of originality to the learning and comprehension of another language. A different learning experience was offered by Omar Tello, who contributed his time and teaching techniques from the world of theatre so that each young individual could express their reality, and in this way reinforce their self-esteem. At the end of this workshop, Omar was inundated by the children’s hugs and appreciation. Maybe the most popular activity was ‘movies in the afternoons’ – with their popcorn in hand, the children sat in front of a screen living the cinema experience watching a different DVD each week.

Many of the workshop and activity participants, and their families were present on Saturday to enjoy their colleagues’ photographic talent. The volunteers also enjoyed sharing this fun, cultural and transformative experience since they had enthusiastically contributed their time. The exhibition concluded the summer activities and gave way to the beginning of another form of fundamental learning, which establishes a foundation for progress to which each young individual has the right; the one to go to school.