Intercultural Exchange

Despite being a local organization, Sayariy strongly values the transformative potential of intercultural exchange. Welcoming volunteers from diverse corners of the globe into these overlooked communities fosters a powerful two-way exchange with immeasurable value. Individuals from varied sociocultural backgrounds come together, sharing and creating unforgettable experiences.

Our volunteer program offers you the chance to become part of a family in Peru, welcoming you into their home with open arms. Those who travel from afar fully immerse themselves in the local culture by living with families who generously share their environment, cuisine, customs, culture, and celebrations. Most importantly, they share their unique kindness and hospitality, leaving an unforgettable impression on anyone fortunate enough to experience it. Undoubtedly, those who join us should be prepared to depart with a desire to return!

For the local community, hosting individuals from abroad presents a fantastic opportunity to embrace new ideas, perspectives, traditions, and cultures. It’s a chance to explore music, literature, language exchange, culinary delights, and much more, enriching both the visitors and the host community alike.

The contribution of our international volunteers is invaluable and plays a crucial role in the community development efforts promoted by Sayariy. Yet, what truly sets this experience apart is the opportunity to build intercultural connections. By exploring diverse spaces and cultures, volunteers not only contribute to community development but also foster meaningful connections that transcend borders, offering invaluable opportunities for personal growth and understanding. Engaging with different communities allows us to cultivate a more inclusive and compassionate world.

Do not hesitate, join us!

Volunteer Testimonials

Take a look at what some of our volunteers have to say about their experience.
Take a look at what some of our volunteers have to say about their experience.
Voluntaria: Nuria Sainz Mañas - SAYARIY RESURGIENDO
Voluntaria: Ana Skouenborg - SAYARIY RESURGIENDO
Voluntaria: Asta Holst Bach - SAYARIY RESURGIENDO
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Available Positions


Assist classroom teachers in public primary and preschool schools.


Working with women in the community

Intalación tanques

Enviromental program

Be an Eco-Volunteer and nurture community sustainability with us! Join our efforts to create a greener future, one action at a time


Project Oversight Role with local team

Enhance project management skills by working with the local Sayariy team, overseeing projects directly from the office


Volunteer Position Information

Provide Community Experience Opportunity in Peru.

We are seeking individuals who wish to immerse themselves in a community experience, living and getting to know the environment in which the majority of Peruvians reside. This opportunity allows you to stay with a local family, gaining firsthand insight into the daily realities of Peruvian life.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers can contribute in various areas including education, environmental conservation, assistance in community kitchens, and support in office projects while engaging with the local team.


This opportunity is ongoing throughout 2024, with a minimum stay requirement of three months to ensure meaningful contribution and impact.

Essential Requirements:

  • Intermediate proficiency in Spanish.
  • Minimum commitment of 8 weeks.
  •  Participants must be at least 20 years old.

Volunteer Fees:

Your volunteer fee is vital for the operation of our small local organization as we do not receive funding from any external entities. Your support directly fuels our projects and enables us to make a meaningful impact within the community. We deeply value your contribution and thank you for being part of our mission.

Initial Month Fee: USD $100 per week

Consecutive Months: USD $90 per week

If you wish to include three meals a day with your host family, an additional $50 per week will be added. Note that these meals consist of regular Peruvian cuisine

What We Offer

  • Airport pickup in Lima
  • Bus to Trujillo or Chiclayo
  • Pick up from the bus station.
  • Induction week.
  • Experience with a local family.
  • Institutional attire.
  • Ongoing support and guidance.
  • Certificate of Completion in the respective area.