Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To empower people in vulnerable situations and social risk through the development of sustainable projects focused on community, gender and social justice, promoting the collaboration and active participation of all social actors in order to create an inclusive and intercultural society that guarantees full enjoyment of Human Rights for all people.

Our Vision

To be an organization whose pillars are founded on a model of sustainable community development. Where each person is the subject of human rights and where there is space for all the voices in our community, thus putting the community itself at the centre of the whole development process: from the project preparation and formulation until the valuation and assessment. Our vision is based on a community whose essence is the awareness of respect and the care between people and the environment. A community capable of integrating all these abilities and extending this perspective outside the community, inspiring and building little by little a more fair, inclusive, egalitarian, cohesive and humane society.

Moreover, we firmly believe in intercultural exchange as the main thread to weave networks to support this development model: an exchange between people from different sociocultural and generational backgrounds, from the city of Trujillo itself (residents from the community, volunteers, internship students from the University, youngsters from public and private schools, community leaders across generations, etc.) as well as people from other regions or even other countries; volunteers from different parts of the world that contribute their experience and increase our project’s visibility and impact. In Sayariy we are convinced that this exchange is a very enriching and essential ingredient in order to understand differences and use them to – instead of feeding Hate Speech – add up more ideas and create more and better opportunities.