Peru, we will rebuild!

Since December 2016, Peru has been facing repeated rainfall along the coast. This has given way to multiple huaicos (flash water floods with mud and stones as a result from torrential rains which cause rivers to overflow).

As of March 23, 2017, the National Information System for Response and Rehabilitation (SINPAD) reports 111,283 victims; 672,892 affected and 85 deceased. 13,072 homes have collapsed and 153,829 are affected.

To date Trujillo has suffered 7 huaicos, that have left much devastation, pain and great material losses.

It is in the face of this adversity that wonderful people from Spain and the United States, who one day were in Peru working, came together. This is how a collection campaign was set up to distribute to those places where the pain surfaces.

Patricia Azorín was interviewed in a program in Murcia, Spain, and relates her experience in Peru in 2013 and what motivates her now to organize alongside other collaborators, such as Fabianne Furman and Vanessa, to deliver support which comes through the donation campaign for affected families in the neighbourhoods of Trujillo through our organization.


Peru-Up to 4K (video in Spanish) from Patricia Azorín Ortuño on Vimeo.