Cold that warms

The quality of people is illustrated not during the best of times, but in the worst of times when they lift you up and walk with you.

The effects of climate change are seen not only in the mountains but also in all regions of Peru. The coastal regions, for example, are normally warm, but climate change has transformed the endless summers into intense cold snaps.

In Trujillo, El Porvenir, Alto Trujillo, and other communities that are affected year after year by cold snaps, climate change, and natural disasters, it is the families living in the foothills who suffer most. These families are typically migrants from the Peruvian mountains.

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Photos courtesy of Estefanie Rentería.

Anguish, despair, and bone-chilling cold spells are challenges that these families suffer daily. Nevertheless, these challenges do not impede them from moving forward and doing the impossible to put bread on the table.

This year, the organization Juguete Pendiente, aware of the challenging reality these families face, contacted Sayariy-Resurgiendo to carry out a campaign against the cold snaps by bringing warm clothes to the affected families.

Through remarkable hard work, Juguete Pendiente and Sayariy-Resurgiendo gathered more than three tons of clothing, shoes, and coats, which were distributed among several communities to the benefit of more than 200 families.

Without a doubt, this was a significant campaign for all the residents, who were not anticipating this type of support and were warmed by the quality of the people participating in this campaign.