Goal achieved! Water for the community

In May we began the search for solutions to the water problem, by July the community were already preparing for the installation of their water tank. In August it was great to see them working together and put in place what was required to have a proper installation and comply with the municipality’s regulations.

Finally they have their water service. They had an inauguration party attended by the mayor, because for them this event is transcendental, it is the first project they have worked together with great success. They have managed to provide clean water to their community, and have painted and decorated their tank. The municipality donated 20 decorative plants to be placed around their water tank.

Thanks to the water, they cannot only look after themselve but other living organisms which help maintain the environment. Children, mothers, fathers have worked in various activities to accomplish this achievement. At the inauguration they came together and celebrated with the Municipality, shared a typical dish and gladly received their Municipal representative, who has committed to supporting the area so they can achieve all the objectives they set out.

Have a look at the process here

We continue to work with them and now that they achieved their first goal they want to continue building a harmonious and united community where they and their children can grow up happy.

This paves the way for the next stage, it’s time for expression through art, the children and adolescents are looking to decorate the water tank, portray what they like and do it through urban art, Graffiti. In September they began training through a local teacher who is part of the American School team who has been teaching young people in Nuevo Libertadores. An event of expression and creativity this way comes, uniting cultures through art.

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