Children’s Day at the beach

Going to the beach is one of those wonderful moments in life, but for most of the children in the community that gift had not arrived yet, so in Children’s Month, we took the bus and together with their American School friends went to the beach.

The young ones had a wonderful time. It was amazing to see how they got to the water in groups, no distinctions, the older ones looking after the younger ones, girls and boys, adolescents and children played away, enjoying their first time at the beach.

They enjoyed touching the soft sea sand, getting to know the inhabitants of the beach, running along the seashore or digging on the beach feeling the warm sand on their skin.

One of the images of this adventure was the expression of fear on the parents’ faces. Seeing the sea can scare a little, particularly when your little one approaches it for the first time. In this adventure, fathers and mothers, and grandparents kept a close eye on the children. But as planned, everything was successful, the team in charge ensured that nothing happened, just fun.

We returned home with a smile of satisfaction and the young ones had a story about the sea and its inhabitants from the shore.

As we expected, they all engaged in a friendly manner without divisions because in happiness we’re all equal.


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