Cinema with friends

We try to connect the largest possible number of entities that can help the development of the community. Therefore the strengthening of ties began with one of the most important schools of Trujillo, American School through its CAS program. After a “visit and meet” the children of the community of Nuevo Libertadores, students chose to invite them to share an afternoon at their school, an afternoon called “cinema with friends”.

Students and their parents, the children from the community and their parents, all enjoyed themselves and were learning from each other.

The smiles of the mothers and children in the community are indescribable, the mere idea of going for a walk drew big smiles on their faces, and everyone awaited the arrival of the bus to their community so they could go to the school.

We started with a dynamic that allowed the interaction between all participants before enjoying a family movie together.

When students visited the community, mothers had made “cachangas” so that students could learn a little more about their culture, with the same spirit of sharing, the students decided to share pizza with the children and mothers. For most of them it was the first time they have tasted this famous Italian dish, which they explored for a few seconds and then enjoyed it.

A fun afternoon, an activity that sought to strengthen ties between children and students, share and exchange knowledge, something that left both groups very happy.

We will continue working together!


August 6th 2016

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