A day in the countryside

According to the Association for Psychological Science (APS) contact with nature fosters attention, reduces aggressiveness, in addition to promoting recovery, additionally the people of the community are from the mountains, so nature is something that they miss quite a bit.

Knowing about the benefit in physical and mental health, and to commemorate the Day of the Youth, we had a day out in the countryside with the families.

They had been organized since very early, they left everything ready so they could enjoy a calm day with the family and the students from CAS. Upon reaching our destination the children magically appeared in the pool’s water of the location. The parents relaxed and enjoyed the sun and pure air of the place. Through games the groups integrated and when the time came to eat the families gathered to enjoy the day’s dish in the middle of a different environment, a green and fresh space with music that enticed them to dance.

We can not thank enough our partner American School, for allowing us to bring families to such a vital and wonderful space.

We continue to work on strengthening family ties, teamwork and the mental health care of the community whilst preventing violence.

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