Water Tank

Construction of a water tank of 10,000 liters for 400 people and development of a water management system.

The inhabitants of the Nuevo Libertadores district have been living in this area for the last 4 years. During this period they have had no support from the municipality of El Porvenir nor the municipality of Trujillo. During all this time they have been coping without basic services. They managed to get water from their neighbours, which they brought and kept in buckets. This amount of water however is not sufficient in the middle of a dry area such as Nuevo Libertadores.

The community encompasses 80 families, among them 70 children. 90% of the families arrived from the mountains of “La Libertad” in search for a better future for themselves and their children. They are not familiar with the reality of the city and carry out activities such as selling vegetables, recycling, footwear making and street vendors.

The lack of water and pollution in the area is manifesting itself through skin and stomach infections which are affecting the most vulnerable of the family, the children. Since water is a necessary element for life, they have tried to seek help from various entities but received no response. Hence there is an urgent need to provide them with a water storage and supply system, as well as training for its supply and maintenance.

This project will facilitate access to water to 400 residents of this community.

The objectives are:

  1. Construction of a 10 000-liter water tank and plumbing facilities for distribution.
  2. Development of a water management system in coordination with the local residents.
  3. Teamwork with all residents of the area.

This project was completed in less than 6 months. The community managed to benefit from government funds for water projects. Click here to watch the video (in Spanish).

News July 2016:

Thank you for your drops of support, thanks to this we are making it possible for the community to exercise their rights and have access to water.

After initiating the funds collection a total of S/ 321.10 was raised thanks to the contribution by Alianza Francesa and the Trivia night in May.

During this process we have been working to find other ways to access this vital liquid for the community and through an alliance with the Municipality of Trujillo, and the support of the councilor Milagrito Celis was able to confirm a visit of the Assistant Manager of Citizen Participation to Nuevo Libertadores.

An opportunity was afforded to the residents, they will be part of the “Water for all” program. This allows them to access the water tank of 10 thousand liters, and delivery of drinking water once a week until a running water system is installed in their homes, which will probably be in 5 years.

This still requires more efforts for which we continue to empower the community members so they can take their first steps in the process of acquiring this service. They are required to build a platform to place the tank, prepare it for water distribution and teamwork to permit access (a road).

We continue working with them so they can move forward.