Afternoons of fun and learning

In October we were able to start our activities with the children in the community. We commenced the activities with 10 children of various ages with the aim of awakening the pleasure of reading, offering a space to learn as a team, promoting violence-free interactions and cultivating an environment of tolerance. Week after week we have observed how girls and boys put aside inappropriate behaviours and accept the rules. Reading comprehension has been emphasised week after week, but above all we concentrate on the social skills, which strengthens the team whilst having fun in the process.

We started with readings which highlighted values and the Peruvian culture which have been enjoyable and contributed much to them.

In the afternoons they had 2 hours of reading and discussion, integration games and relaxation. The progress of this work was seen in December with 10 more children joining up but whose behaviours and interactions required attention to bring them to level of the first group.

Each session has been incredible to witness; the older children look after the younger ones, the small ones integrate into the group, and sometimes mothers with their babies come along and listen. All of them comfortably seated on the coloured, rubber floor-mats (kindly lent by a family) which lend some joy to the space.

We have been growing together. Many stories told.

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