Gender Equality

Cooking Equality

One of the problems in Peru is gender violence. After Bolivia, Peru is the South American country with the highest rate of femicide. We seek to break stereotypes that lead to the extremes as that mentioned above. One of these ways which is being practised is through activities as simple as cooking.

Playing at making a sandwich, using utensils, ordering the products, listening to everyone’s ideas, and the use of appropriate language. Above all we demonstrated that everyone, female and male, can achieve things. There is no particular activity assigned to women or men, in this manner contributing to breaking those stereotypes which do so much harm.

Watching them enjoy preparing simple dishes at their young age is extremely rewarding. This workshop was exciting for them and they have asked to continue with it in the summer.

With this activity once a month, they not only learn how to work with respect but we are giving them skills for self-care, as well as making healthy and feasible sandwiches.

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