Emotional Health

Social Skills

Development of social and inclusive skills, free from violence for boys and girls.

In Nuevo Libertadores there are 62 children aged 11 years and younger, and 42 adolescents between 12 and 18 years of age.

More than 50% come from the mountains/highlands and face a new reality within the social environment of the schools and societies of the Libertenian coast. It is with them that it is sought to cultivate an atmosphere of personal development and non-violent interaction, as well as strengthen their skills to make it easier for them to interact in this new environment.

Early Childhood Stimulation

Our team provides early childhood stimulation sessions to mothers in Nuevo Libertadores. This is because studies show that large numbers of children in developing countries are exposed to multiple risk factors in the early years of life including poor health, malnutrition, and low levels of stimulation at home.

Our organizational goal is to empower the people we work with so that they can progress by themselves – once they have learned and developed their skills. That is why the most important aspect of this program is the presence of the mothers and fathers; they learn from the professionals and then are encouraged to continue with the program at home.