Educational opportunities in vulnerable areas


Through the cultural exchange, particularly with international volunteers (among which English, sports and arts Teachers), we seek to strengthen the education provided in educational institutions of the most vulnerable areas, especially those publics schools of Porvenir in Alto Trujillo.

Cultural exchanges help create new knowledge and strengthen the already acquired skills. It also enables a more inclusive education, with less competition and more participatory and cooperative activities, promoting teamwork and strengthening ties without gender differences.

Thank´s to this Cultural Exchanges, Kids from this areas will have English classes for free. Because in Peru, this language is not for all the public Schools. The ones in the vulnerable areas don’t have it. In central areas of the cities, parents pay for English lesson. In the areas where we work Families can not afford it, this is why we have this program. Kids deserve the same opportunities!.






Literacy for adults


In Peru, 33.2% of women older than 25 years old were able to finish high school and 29.3%  had the opportunity to finish primary school.  This is a very small number. Almost 10% of women never went to school.

The lack of education becomes one of the big problems that increase poverty and inequality, and which limits the levels of health and social welfare.
Alleviating this situation has repercussions not only on the increase of self-confidence but also on the inequality gaps and improvement in quality of life.

This is why we work every week providing literacy and math classes to women In Victor Raul El Porvenir. At the same time, they are learning a new skill in our Fabric workshop.  We strongly believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to learn and it is never is too late to become a rising star.


Early Childhood Stimulation


Our team provides early childhood stimulation sessions to mothers in Nuevo Libertadores. This is because studies show that large numbers of children in developing countries are exposed to multiple risk factors in the early years of life including poor health, malnutrition, and low levels of home stimulation.

Our organizational goal is to empower the people we work with so that they can progress by themselves – once they have learned and developed their skills. That is why the most important aspect of this program is the presence of the mothers and fathers; they learn from the professionals and then are encouraged to continue with the program at home.


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Community Library




Since October 2016, we have been able to share the magic and importance of reading. We are implementing and developing activities in a community library in Nuevo Libertadores, an area where 30 kids aged 0 to 13 years old live. There is no playground or park where they can play, and all of them have a lot of potential, which living in an area like this can prevent them from reaching. This community library provides them with a safe space where they can go, with people who can talk to them, where they can learn a new skill, and where they have some books and toys to play with and be kids.