Our Mission

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Our Mission

To empower people in vulnerable situations and social risk through the development of projects which focus on community and social justice, promoting the collaboration and active participation of all social actors in order to create an inclusive and intercultural society, which guarantees full execution of citizenship rights for all people.

Our Vision

To be an organization with an influential community development model, promoting an inclusive approach, and which takes into account each person as an individual with rights and as being the basis of a sustainable community. An organization dedicated to community empowerment, for the management of its own resources and its own integrated development, promoting team work with other groups and organizations, in so doing creating a strong social network.

An association which participates in the construction of a society where everyone is guaranteed their right to biopsychosocial welfare, as well as opportunities for accessing resources which cover their needs for nourishment, health, housing and education etc., promoting sustainable development which respects the environment and cultural identity of every community, with the active and indispensable participation of the people and communities, creators of their own processes of action and change.